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Many of our clients past and current clients have been renting out apartments during their stay in Hungary. Although serious legal disputes do not arise during most of the landlord-tenant relationships, unfortunately, there is an inevitable possibility of having misunderstandings in connection with the rented apartment and the agreement between the parties. Previously we have discussed how to conclude a contract, and today we provide some tips on how to perform your obligations.

  • Before moving in, take photos of the apartment, and make a list of the belongings found there. Unfortunately, many paid depostis are witheld by the landlords due to alleged damage to the property or to the belongings caused by the tenants. Be aware, that in case the allegations are true, your deposit can be – at least partially – witheld. But in case you can prove that you did no damage, you are entitled to your full deposit. With photo proof and using the proper legal way, you can force the landlord to return your deposit.
  • During your stay, perform your obligations in a reasonable way. This includes paying your rent in due time – remember to always ask for a proof of receipt – , and report to your landlord in case anything broke or is out of order, even in case of minor damages. By law, the landlord is obligated to provide an apartment adequate for living (e.g. properly functioning heating system) –the tenant is obligated to take care of the condition and the minor repairs of the apartment (e.g. fixing a broken window).
  • Abide the local laws and condominium policies. Unfortunately, in case you throw a party in the late hours, the police is entitled to fine you, and also your landlord could get into trouble. Try to precede this by either going out or keeping noise low.
  • In case you may want to terminate the contract, call a lawyer. In case, by any reason, you decide to move, do not grab your things and walk away, especially in case you rent an apartment for a longer period. In case of an improperly issued, thus invalid termination, you may be forced to pay for several months more.
  • Have the important documents translated. There are several cases you may need a translated version of a document what is considered important (e.g. allegedly contain a payment obligation, or a modification to your agreement, etc.). This way you can make sure you are not taken advantage of.

If you need assistance for anything above, contact us and we provide you with legal advice and help you with the process for an affordable price.

Next time we discuss what to do in case you may want to buy an apartment.

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